GHS Distinctive Tilt/Turn Window


GHS Windows

Sunshine and fresh air: in hot weather, you often wish you could open up your living space with just a few turns of a handle. The Parallel Tilt and Slide door systems, allow you to do just that.
All of our parallel tilt and slide windows and doors offer space-saving design, because the door sash opens parallel to the fixed unit, instead of opening into the room, and their large sizes allows for plenty of light.

Product Features

  • Slightly rounded edges give the classical design to the Soft line System.
  • High Thermal Insulation Values up to Uw=1,0 W/m2K (U-Value 0.176 BTU/H*ft2*F, R-Value 5.7) are achievable (depending on glazing) and noticeably reduce energy costs.